Skin Dipp Healing Butters - Body Dipp Body Butter - Santorini

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Skin Dipp Healing Butters - Best Anti-aging Whipped Body Cream

Offering the distinctly Mediterranean scent of Santorini, this unique formulation beautifully combines the aromas of the sea and fig trees into one remarkable beauty product. A simple and effective way to smooth your skin’s texture and improve its appearance, this incredible Skin Dipp Healing Butter is truly ultra-hydrating and leaves your skin feeling fabulous; not covered with a sticky or oily residue.

  • An anti-aging body butter that allows the skin on your body to maintain its elasticity over time.
  • Created with baobab oil that features an anti-oxidant effect that keeps skin looking young.
  • Heal the skin all over your body just by simply applying this cream daily.

Body Dipp Healing Butters are best when used while skin is still damp, immediately after bathing for maximum absorption and results.