Moxibustion Moxa Ventouse Cellulite Cupping

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Cupping involves the application of suction through the use of glass, plastic or bamboo cups to specific Acupuncture points on the body. Cupping stimulates the site of application by producing localized blood congestion. Its uses include treatment for back pain, sprains, soft tissue injuries and pain associated with menstruation. Both Moxibustion and Cupping can be used alone or in conjunction with Acupuncture.

Cupping is a simple and safe procedure. On occasion some patients experience mild bruising which generally dissipates within a few days. The Cupping procedure is painless and feels similar to a medium-light to deep massage depending on the amount of suction applied by the Acupuncturist. Because of the potential for possible bruising, we always advise the patient of this possibility and only apply cups to discrete areas that are generally covered by clothing.  - ILaaom